Individual • Marital • Couples • Group • Family • Art Therapy

I offer individual, couple, marital, and family therapy. Counseling may involve the entire family together in a session, just an individual, a small family group, or only the marital couple depending on your needs. Today family counseling frequently involves the step-parents, as well as the biological parents. I counsel same-gender couples, too.  Also, I assist couples who are not married but are living together, and couples considering marriage.

In your first session, we will work to gain an initial understanding of any problems that brought you to counseling. Additionally, we will identify possible resolutions to those problems. In the following sessions, we begin defining your goals for counseling with more clarity and develop a plan to attain those goals. Counseling then continues until your objectives are met. Generally, clients schedule sessions either weekly or biweekly, until they are near to attaining their goals. Future sessions may be scheduled further apart until their ultimate objective has been achieved.