I came to her in total crisis. I was struggling at work. I was considering divorcing my husband and I was having difficulties with my children. I’m usually full of solutions, but I couldn’t find any for myself and I had no support. I was at a loss. I was tired of taking care of everyone else, but no one taking care of me. I knew things had to change, but I wasn’t exactly sure what needed to change or how to do it. Valerie clarified the issues for me and helped me to develop a course of action to move my life into a positive direction. Also, she just listened when I needed to be heard. She let me vent and cry. She taught me skills to handle my problems on my own. I am so grateful she was there for me and I know that if I would ever need her to help again, that she knows me, and will be there for me.”    


Sara (17 years of age)

It’s tough being a teenager today. I fight with my parents a lot. I don’t like following the rules, yet adult responsibilities scare me. I get depressed and hate the world, sometimes. Talking with Valerie relieves my stress. I don’t have anyone else to talk to that I don’t either get in trouble for what I say, or if I talk to my so-called friends, it ends up all over the school. I can trust that Valerie won’t tell anyone. Also, she gives me good advice. She tells me straight-up, even if I don’t like to hear it. It’s hard to find someone who will do that for you. If I don’t answer one of her questions it is because I don’t want to face an issue. Valerie won’t let me get away with it.She will patiently ask me the question again and again until I answer her.I need her to do that for me. She gives support too. I’m glad I can talk to Valerie.



Henry & Sue

My wife and I came to Valerie for marital counseling. I was very apprehensive about this whole counseling business. I didn’t really want to go, but my wife was very insistent. I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t like a stranger knowing my personal business. To my surprise, Valerie made me feel very comfortable. She understood me even when I had difficulty communicating my feelings. She taught me how to better communicate my feelings to my wife. I came to like having a place to voice my feelings and gain some guidance, without having anyone else knowing about it. It was all confidential. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard work. I didn’t always like looking at myself. Some days, especially at the beginning, I left the session feeling worse than when I walked in. It was usually when I had been denying a problem and it came to surface during the session. I felt like I was in the hot seat. I know my wife felt this way at times, too. But, once the problems came to surface, then we could deal with them. Eventually, we dealt with our problems and I would leave the sessions feeling better than when I arrived because an issue got resolved. Now I’m glad we went to counseling. I wish we went earlier in our marriage before the problems had built up for years. We were lucky that with Valerie’s help we worked through our problems. I would recommend Valerie for marital counseling to anyone.


I started seeing Valerie for counseling several years ago. I had been in therapy for many years and gotten to know different counselors, but it seemed that Valerie was different in the sense that not only would she listen to me but she also would require me to do more than just complain about my life. After being in therapy for quite a while, I decided to leave Ohio and move all the way to Texas, taking along my two daughters. It seemed like I was stronger and finally capable of taking charge of my life, for the first time. It was a good choice. I got a job, found a whole new life for myself and my girls and developed many friendships. After a while, I met and married a new Mr. Wonderful but through a series of negative events we ended up back in Ohio. With all the changes, all the dreams that had fallen apart, I went into a deep depression, even with my new husband at my side. I knew I wanted to start up counseling again and sought out Valerie. Between her and my own little dabs of strength, I finally worked through much of it to where I can now function again. I think much of it has to do with finding a compatible counselor, and Valerie is who I relate to and trust. She knows when to let me cry and when to let me rant and rave and when to give me a reality check. I just feel totally comfortable with her and trust her. I would recommend others to see Valerie and see if you wouldn’t benefit from her counseling.